Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Car Boot Sale Saturday

Have you ever realised just how much crap you actually own? I mean really, who needs things like DVDs when we download everything (legally of course), or clothes that don't fit and will never fit, shoes you've never worn but bought because they were on sale?

Not us, that's who! Over the past month, we've been cleaning and sorting out all of our 'things' to see what we don't use, and what would be better off with someone else. Our lounge room became a bit of a stock room, but Saturday we finally packed everything in our cars, and went off to the local car boot sale.

Now, if you know me, you'll know I can be freakishly organised. Well, this was one of those situations. I had printed out price signs and had them laminated, made everyone name tags, and had everything ready to go, to make set up easier on Saturday morning.

I had written lists on what things I wanted to sell, and what categories I thought they would go in. 
I had even written a timeline for the month beforehand, so I knew when things needed to be done by.

We were up bright and early that morning. Actually, everyone but Justin was up early, his royal sleepyhead went back to sleep after my morning wake up call. But anyway, I picked up Annie before the sun was even up, and we were back at my house having breakfast at before 6:30am. After breakfast, we finished packing the cars, and were on our way to the local Salvation Army church to set up for our first ever car boot sale.

Annie and I went in my car, and we arrived at about 7:15am, to start setting up. Our only issue? Justin and Georgia had the tables. But never dispair, we unpacked anyway, and started organising how and where everything would go.
A short time later Justin arrived with a table, and we were able to start setting up our media section. DVDs, CDs, videos, boardgames and a few random electronic gadgets.

The actual sale started at 8am, but that didn't stop pesky people hassling us to buy things we hadn't even set up set. People were rummaging through bags and looking in boxes that weren't open, and expected us to have all the answers to their annoying questions. 

If you are ever one of these people. Don't do it. It just makes the seller hate you even more. 
Well, it did for me. 

Georgia arrived a little while later in her big black van, and after unloading and setting up, we were ready to go! We had hired two spots, which totalled 3 car parks, so we had plenty of room to spread out, and make everything easy to access. Mind you, it took us a little while to get into the swing of things,working out where this goes, should this be on the table, comparing different positions of the tables and goods. But, after we worked it out, everything went like clockwork.

Organised chaos!
We probably looked like lost lambs to the regular sellers there!

 Georgia had mountains of kids things to sell, and did really well with her tables, organising them and making them look appealing and easy to work out how much each item was. In fact, she made a killing selling her kids toys, she has one whole table dedicated to toys, and deemed the entire table was $1 per item. Soon after setting it up, her table was half empty!

Having the larger toys set up on the blanket was also a great idea, because they were at the kids level, and easy for them to touch and play with. 

Also, have you ever noticed how bright and colourful kids toys are? I guess not having kids myself, I've never really noticed. But damn, it was like a rainbow exploded!

We didn't have a spot in mind for the kids clothes, so we mixed them together with the books. Not really the best move, but we didn't really know how else to do it at the time.

We did pretty well selling a lot of our DVD's and CD's, and even some of our board games went too, which I was sort of surprised about. We had a few electronic things with this table as well, like a record player, fondue machine, and popcorn machine. Justin sold the record player, admittedly for a lot less than I would have liked, but I guess at least that is money that we wouldn't have had other wise.

The start of our media table.
We hall had a bit of a wander around the sale and even bought a few things for ourselves as well. I found some ace books to add to my collection, Georgia found some books and toys for her daughter, and Annie bought a cute little toy pram and cot for her daughter. Here is the rest of the sale:

By the end of the morning (the sale was 8-12) we were all pooped, but really enjoyed the day. It was so much fun meeting all of the locals, and learning more about selling, as well as the actual selling. In total, Justin and I made just over $150, which is pretty good, and we're booked in to do another stall over Easter. 

So if you're in the area, pop down and say hi, you might even find a bargain or two!

Much love,

J xx