Wednesday, 11 June 2014

'New' Fashion - Pastel Goth

Did you know there was a fashion style called Pastel Goth? No? Neither did I.
I heard the term while watching one of my favourite YouTubers Grav3yardgirl talking about Forever 21. Overwhelmed with curiosity, I headed over to Google and went about searching! According to Wiki:

"Seapunk, Pastel Grunge, and Pastel Goth are all sub genres or variations of the Pastel Grunge movement. Pastel Grunge is Soft Grunge with an emphasis on pastel colors. Someone who dresses in the Pastel Grunge style will dress more akin to the look of Baby Spice and the late 1990s. Pastel Goth is a version of Soft Grunge with more of a bent towards the gothic aspects of the fashion. Pastel Goths often wear spiked garters, and hair clips featuring skeleton hands or eyeballs on them. Seapunk, is the Soft Grunge variant that has received the largest amount of press. Seapunk is a Soft Grunge/Pastel Grunge subset that focuses on the usage of aquatic related colors and imagery. It is also common in Seapunk to use poor quality pixel based graphic or bitmap images that appear to be taken from a late 1990s GeoCities page."

Confused? So was I! Never fear, Google Images to the rescue!

A bit odd, but kinda cute, don't you think? Soft sweet pastel colours, with the hard edge of goth spikes and black. Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

I love so many of the elements from this style. I love pastel colours, as well as black and spikes. I've never thought to wear them together though... I think I may have to give this a try! During my recent crafternoon, I DIY'd a couple of items with spikes, so I think the spike and flower headband is worth a try. 

I already have some faded pink in my hair, and I was actually thinking about redoing it, so this is the perfect chance to add some pastel fabulousness to it! Speaking of hair...


Oh God, if only I could get away with this! Pretty sure I'd never be allowed to have my hair down at work, ever again. Or I could just buy wigs... But really, does anyone actually want to wear wigs?

Anyway, just a quick one today.

Talk soon, 

Love, J xx

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