Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Costumes Part 4 - Pairs

Be you big or small, young or old, boy or girl, everyone loves to have someone to dress up in a costume with.

So I've compiled a list of my favourite costumes for pairs. 

I'm sure you could use them as a single person comstume, but I doubt people would think you're cool...That's awkward.

Dionne & Cher - Clueless

Jane & Daria - Daria

The Doctor & Her Tardis

Ghostbusters - Bonus points if you can get a kid as cute as that to be the Stay Puff Man

Thugs from Home Alone

Jack & Sally - Nightmare Before Christmas


Men In Black

Alex & Piper - Orange Is The New Black

Sherlock and Watson

Silent Film Characters (My favourite)

The Maitlands - Bettlejuice

Walt & Jesse - Breaking Bad

Big Bad Wolf & Little Red Riding Hood

Last but by far the least, is the group costumes. Always a hit, stay tuned!

Jayde xx