Sunday, 20 October 2013

My Favourites: Tv Shows

So, ever had that dilemma, where you've just finished the very last episode of your favourite TV show and you need something new to watch? Well keep reading, because below, is the list of my favourite TV shows at the moment.

1 - Suits.
Oh God, there is so much I could say about this show. It like Boston Legal, mixed with HIMYM, with heart warming storylines, and hilarious one liners ("You just got Litt up!"). Please, for the love of all that is holy, if you haven't watched it, please go do so. Now. Seriously, stop reading, and go 'legally acquire' it. You'll thank me for it later.

2 - American Horror Story-Coven
You may know of the first two seasons of AHS, but don't panic if you haven't seen them, you don't need to (well you do, because they're amazing, but have no relation to season 3). This show is simply sublime. The characters storylines are woven together so neatly (in all 3 seasons) and the writing is amazing. I love everything about AHS. I would highly recommend it to anyone who isn't afraid of the dark.

3 - Hart Of Dixie
A quirky little show, that follows the life of Zoe Hart, a New York MD who has lost her personal touch, and been sent to Bluebell, Alabama to relearn how to interact with people. With this one, you will need to watch the first 2 seasons for everything to make sense. On the plus side, there is eye candy!

4 - The Black List
A renowned criminal hands himself into the authorities, but not without a catch. His plan is to take down other major criminals, using the FBI to catch them. Has it's ups and downs, but overall a pretty great show. Plus, James Spader is awesome!

5 - Sleepy Hollow
Everyone thinks they know the legend of Sleepy Hollow, but join us on this journey, with Officer Mills and Icabod Crane and learn the truth (so they say) of the legend of Sleepy Hollow.
Look, even if you don't care about the legend, it's still a pretty good show. I personally love the awkward and hilarious conversations that Icabod has with everyone, and his underhanded sarcasm.

Honorable mention: QI
QI, Quite Interesting. And It really is. QI is a fabulous show filled with interesting facts. It's good for a laugh, and to learn something new.


Jayde xx