Tuesday, 7 January 2014

14 Things For The 14th Year...

Well, 14th Year into the 2000's. It sounded better in my head!

Anyway, thought I would share 14 things about me, that you might not know.

1 - I have never broken a single bone in my body. I have come close, but the worst I have ever done is splitting my head open when I was four.

2 - I'm trying to be 'green'. I make all of my own cleaning products, and when I can't I only buy Earth products. I believe there is no need to have so many horrible chemicals in my life, when we have previously lived without them.

3 - I am also learning how to make my own beauty products, like shaving cream and moisturising bars.

4 - I absolutely LOVE Halloween. I don't care that everyone thinks it's too American. I love the (modern) idea of getting candy from strangers, and being able to dress up and look hilarious for one night.
5 - I believe the end of the world will eventually come, and I want to be prepared for it. I know it probably won't be in my life time, but it makes me feel calmer knowing that I am mildly prepared for it.

6 - I have a fear of churches. I'm not going to try and explain this, because everyone just gives me strange looks when I do.

7 - I'm also horrified by the sight of seashells and pine cones cut in half. I remember vividly, we were sitting in science class in year 10, and we were in the first classroom on the right, and I was sitting at the 2nd table from the front, on the left hand side, on the very right hand side of the table, and we were flicking through our text books. I happened across a diagram of a conical seashell cut in half (where it shows all the little creepy sections), and I have never been the same. I don't know why but it makes me feel sick and I feel like they're going to slice my skin in creepy little sections too.

8 - I miss working in the hospitality field. I used to love getting to meet so many different people.

9 - I still have night terrors.

10 - I am a qualified driving instructor. I passed my course in 2012, but wasn't able to afford to pay for my licence. So I have my certificate that says I can teach people to drive, but the government says I'm not allowed. (Boo-Urns)

11 - I have an obsession with cupcakes. If you've seen my house, there are small tell tale signs. I have cupcake themed: cookie jar, jewellery box, tea towels, oven mits, apron, lip gloss, pot holders and general trinket boxes. I have to hide it all in a box in my wardrobe so it doesn't get ruined.

12 - I want to go back to school and do my nursing. I would like to become an EEN (Enrolled Endorsed Nurse), and work in the community to help people stay independent and at home for as long as they can. 

13 - I 'mother' people, and I don't even realise I'm doing it. I love to look after people. I am the mother hen of my friends, and I'm okay with that.

14 - I love lists. Not that you would have known that though...

So there you go, 14 facts about me. 

Thanks for reading, now to work out what to cook for dinner....


Jayde xx

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