Friday, 16 January 2015

The Creativity Club

I'll be honest, I love craft. 

Not art, painting or drawing (because I'm rubbish at it), but cutting & pasting, making things out of clay, cooking, baking, sewing, making hats & jewellery, gardening & being all around crafty.

Sometimes I have such mental blanks I just lose all interest in doing anything remotely crafty, so my spare room (let's be truthful, it's an entire room devoted to craft) stays untouched and unloved.

Every now and then I have bursts of creativity, and come up with things like: 

Flower Crown
Frosted Windows

Home Made Jam

Outdoor Mood Lighting

So when I stumbled upon elsie marley one day, and she was talking about some kind of 2 word challenge, I thought to myself, what a great little idea! My words were shark + garland. I'll admit, my submission wasn't all that flash hot, but it was an interesting idea. 

Now Elsie has created The Creativity Club in an effort to help all of us push ourselves out of our comfort zones, and get creative.

the creativity club: fuck it, let's make art

So keep your eyes peeled for new and exciting crafty things! We are sent a challenge the 3rd Monday of each month, and we have a week to complete it. You can see everyone's submissions on Instagram (and sometimes Facebook and Twitter) using the hashtag #thecreativityclub

Wish me luck!

Lots of love,

J xx

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