Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Friends In Need

We all know that moving house can be a tortuous affair, but it can be made slightly more tolerable with helping hands. Sunday, we were the helping hands!

Good friends of ours Ben and Leah, we finally moving from their tiny run down house in Springvale, to a beautiful new family friendly home in FTG. They had already packed so many things in to boxes, their house was almost unrecognisable! 

Ben's mum and two brothers came to help out, as did our friends Tom, Rach, Shaun, Sam & Jack, so between all of us, we managed to pack almost everything into the van and the cars. With some amazing Tetris skills from yours truly, we only had to do two trips. Granted we left a couple of things behind, but still, I was pretty impressed!

By the end of the day we were all pooped, and celebrated with some fish and chips! 

I can't wait till Justin and I move house. What, you guys didn't know we wanted to move? Awkward... Anyway, we want a smaller house, as there is only the two of us there now, and our house is just too big. I don't want to leave, but we need a fresh start.

We've already started cleaning out the spare rooms, and packing things into boxes, so hopefully when it comes time for us to move, it will be as easy and smooth and Ben and Leah's transition!

I actually remembered to take a few happy snaps on the day, and with Bens permission, here they are!



How many people does it take to pack a mattress into a van? 5, it took 5 of them!

I'm so happy they finally have a house they can call home!

Fingers crossed we find something nice too!

Jayde xx

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