Monday, 16 February 2015

Hot Little Lady Date

Saturday 14th February, Valentines Day. Singles dread it, women in couples love it, men in couple despise it. For me, it's just a Saturday. If I happen to be gifted with an 'I Love You' card, then that's awesome, if not, a simple kiss from my boyfriend is fine.

This year, we planned a nice lunch together and did a little bit of shopping in the hills (We live almost at the foot of the Dandenongs. If you haven't been, please do yourself a favour, and make a day of it). 

However, Justin had to work at 6pm, so I made plans with one of my best girlfriends Annie, to go out on a hot lady date. I'll admit, I probably went a little overboard, but Annie is special, and I hardly get to see her, so I wanted to make it count!

I organised a red rose corsage, and bought her a card (it was awesome), and a couple of blocks of her favourite chocolate, picked her up and off we went! 

I had booked our dinner reservation for 6:15pm, and we arrived a little early, so we went to Timezone and took some hilarious photobooth photos.



They're great, right? 

We had dinner at Hogs Breath, and sat and chatted for what felt like hours, until it was movie time. We mosey'd over to Village Cinemas, found our seats, and sat down ready for 50 Shade Of Grey. I know what you're thinking, but it was better than I expected!

All in all, it was an awesome night out, with an amazing friend. 

Annie, I love you, Be My Valentine?
(P.S. I love you in a friend kinda way, let's not ruin the mood and make things all weird, like my drunk aunty does at family affairs.)


J xx

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