Monday, 7 April 2014

Open For Inspection

Yesterday was one of the most stressful days of my life! The man who owns our house, David, and his wife, came to visit yesterday morning, to report on some items I had mentioned needed to be fixed. When I told my real estate agent, I didn't expect such a speedy response. I mean, it took them 7 years to finish a fence.... Anyway, I sent the email on a Friday, and had my reply by the following Wednesday. So we didn't really have much time to get everything organised.

Because dad has only been out of the house for a week, we hadn't begun to move his things to the garage, and clean up. So Justin and I spent every night scrubbing the walls (Mostly Justin) and making sure everything was spic and span for the owner. 

I actually remembered to take some before and after photo's, aren't ya'll impressed! 

Justin hard at work sugar scrubbing the walls in the sunroom

We didn't think we'd fit everything in the tiny skip

I mean c'mon, all of this crap, it that tiny skip?
Justin an I were up bright and early on Saturday morning, the skip was delivered at about 8am, and from then we were on cleaning fire! Never mind that we were up till like 3am Friday night cleaning the deck! Talk about tired. Good grief!

Anyway, we had fantastic helpers on the day, my family in law, best friend Katrina, and my dad (his was mostly his mess after all!). So with all of us, working our butts off, we managed to get EVERYTHING done! How exciting! The skip is now full, sitting on the side of the road, the lawns are all mowed, the floors have all been swept, mopped & vacuumed. The only time I have ever seen my house so clean, is when my dad first moved in, way back in 2001. 

Justin and I cannot even begin to express how grateful we are for all the help. We know some pretty amazing people.

The deck looking a little more organised

Look, you can actually see the deck and the brick walls! No more weathered table!

I was so nervous waiting for the landlord to arrive, but once I got into the swing of things, chatting to them about the problems with the house, everything went really well. They've agreed to rip up the carpet in (what will be) our bedroom. They're also going to replace the gutters on the side of the house, which is brilliant, because the current gutters are rusted through and have fallen off the house. Then they're going to install a light/fan combo in the en suite, have a look at the deck and try to get that fixed, as well as the deck roof. Our dishwasher hasn't worked for the past 3 or 4 years, and they might even replace it for us! Our taps have been leaking for a little while now, so David will come over and replace the seals on those, which means no more dripping!

He was cleaning the windows...

My fabulous mother in law cleaning the floors - action shot!

I don't even know what dad was doing, but I'm sure it was helpful...
Over all I'm damn happy with the results. I would never have even dreamt we would have gotten everything done in time, but as they say, many hands make light work! 

Now to start prepping the walls for painting. Oh, I did say we're allowed to paint right? Yep, we have permission to paint!

Until next time my wonderful readers! 

Jayde xx