Monday, 9 June 2014

WTM: Old Melbourne Gaol Walking Ghost Tour

You know when you are so bored, and cannot think of anything to do, but just want to get out of the house and adventure? Well Alex and I were stuck in that exact situation a couple of weeks ago! We scoured the interwebs to see if there was anything interesting to do, when we stumbled upon the Old Melbourne Gaol.

Did you know they do night time ghost tours? Well, I didn't! I've done a walking ghost tour before, I'll chuck the link at the bottom, but nothing like this.

The tour begins on the ground floor, of the remnants of the old gaol. An actor, portraying the hangman, walks you through the different areas, telling stories of the different inmates that once served time there, explains the conditions they would have suffered through, all by candle light.

We werent allowed to take photos during the performance, so the photos below are once the lights went on, and the tour was over. 

Waiting for the doors to open and the tour to start. I thought I would share it because, well, everyone likes chins.

Our guide and hangman!

There are a whole heap of student displays at the gaol at the moment.

The mask of silence, leather mitts to stop masturbation, and iron shackles

This has only just been found, it's another entrance to the womens section of the jail

All in all it was a great night out, tickets were $35 each, and it was a night filled with education and murder. 

We're also interested in going back and doing the Watchtower tour as well!

Let me know what you think!


J xx

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