Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Catch Up

Hey folks, 

Just a quick post to give you guys an update!

My Real Estate Agent emailed me today, some exciting news, we're getting our new dishwasher on the weekend! Apparently the owner has it ready, and just needs to come over and have it installed. I'm almost tempted to make lots of dirty dishes, just so we can use the dishwasher. Almost.

We've also been given a quote for new carpet for our master bedroom, which will hopefully be installed in the next couple of weeks, which means we can actually move into the room! At the moment, we're camped out in the sunroom, surrounded by boxes of things we haven't been able to put away yet. 

It'll be 3 years that Justin and I have been together, middle of next month. I've been trying to subtely hint to Justin that I would love to go and see the Rocky Horror stage show, not sure if he's picked up what I'm putting down.
I'd also love to go away for the weekend, and just relax, but we'll see if that goes ahead! 

I'm pretty excited, I spoke to my brother the other day, and we've organised to go to the Belgrave Lantern Parade this year! More crafting, and I get to spend time with my amazing neice and nephew! Talk about excited haha.

I think I've mentioned it before, but I'm now doing Level 1-Beginners Pole Dancing every Wednesday night. We're three classes in so far, our 4th class is tomorrow night. We've learnt some basic moves, and we're going to start working on a basic routine, to perform during the last class. It's hard work, but I love it. I must say though, I'm a little disappointed that I haven't suffered any bruises yet, everyone else seems to have! Maybe I'm just super tough!

So anyway, that's about all for now. I'll try and write up a couple more posts for you soon. I'm working on Welcome To Melbourne - Ghost Tour and a couple of fashion ones too. Fingers crossed I have time to get everything done!


J xx