Monday, 22 July 2013

BH Cosmetics!

BH Cosmetics, a cosmetic brand from North Hollywood, America. I had heard a lot of good things about them on the internet, and thought it was high time I sampled their goods for myself. I had been looking for a new blusher pallet for a while, so now was the perfect time.
You can only buy the products online, so it’s hard to guage what the quality is like, unless you have tested them beforehand. I went out on a bit of a limb and bought a few different things, including:
·         Eyebrow pencils (mechanical) in blonde, light brown, brown, dark brown and black
·         120 eyeshadow pallet (#4)
·         Smokey Eye pallet
·         10 blusher pallet
·         10 concealer pallet
·         Liquid eyeliner
·         Travel brush set

Because they come from overseas, the shipping can be a little excessive, but if you’re buying a fair amount of products, it’s worth it. I spent $111 including shipping. It took approx. 2 weeks to arrive, which I was pretty impressed with. Only 2 of the eyeshadows were broken, but they were easily fixed.
The colour payoff with the eyeshadows isn’t the best, but with a primer they’re amazing. The 120 pallet has shimmers, matts and pearls, which gives you a great mix of possibilities. They’re only small pots of shadow, so it looks like you don’t get much for your money, but because there are so many, and when used with a primer, they go a long way. The smokey eye pallet has a great selection also, with some colours you would never imagine working, but they just do! The smokey eye has both darks and lights, so it’s very versitle. The only thing about the smokey eye pallet is that the lid is a clear plastic lid, which I’ve seen on other pallets, and has a habit of cracking easily.
I’m so in love with the concealer pallet! The formula is delightfully creamy, it doesn’t crease on the skin, and it has so many colour options, it suits most skin tones. I recently took it to a shoot with me, ad used it on both an asain complexion, and a very fair complexion. I have a lot of redness in my cheeks, and can have the odd breakout. With the colours, you can mix them, to suit your needs.
The blusher pallet is very much the same, with so many colour options, it would suit most complexions. The pigment in the blusher is great, so a little goes a long way!
I haven’t used all of the eyebrow pencils yet, but I have used the blonde and black, and I love them. They’re a mechanical pencil, so no worry about sharpening them (A quick wipe with rubbing alcohol suffices in regards to cleaning). They’re an angled tip, so they work perfectly with eyebrows of pretty much any shape or thickness. They also have a great colour payoff, and the formula isn’t too creamy like some, so it doesn’t go on the skin and look shiny.
I’ve only used the liquid liner a few times, so I’m still getting used to the pen style (I currently use Covergirl liquid liner, which is a small pen, only about 2.5” long), and having that longer pen can be a bit tricky to get used to. But it’s a great jet black colour, and when it dries, there is very minimal colour change. The lid clicks on tightly, so there's no worry of the product drying out by accident.
BH Cosmetics have quite a few other products, including eye liner pencils, lip liners, lipsticks, brush cleaners, and plenty of eyeshadows. I highly recommend checking them out! They have a lot of sales and package deals going all the time, so if you time it right, you can grab yourself a bargain!

I'll try and get some swatches done tonight, so I can post them for all to see!

Much love,

Jayde xx

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