Thursday, 21 November 2013

Make It At Home

You may have noticed by now, that I try to make a lot of things myself, rather than buying them. these can include cleaning products.

I know it sounds like a strange idea, to make your own cleaning products. But when you think about it, before all of these big companies 'sold' the idea of '99.9% germ free', we cleaned with good old hot water and soap.

In our modern times, there are so many different options available. Just try walking down the cleaning/laundry isle at your local supermarket. We are spoilt rotten for choice! There are different scents, different types, different mediums, from lemon sprays, to infused cleaning wipes, to tablets and foams. I had never realised just how many different products i used in my house, and the horrible chemicals they contained, until I actually went looking.

I would like to sa I have been converted, and my way of thinking has changed, and I would also like to share these ideas with you.

So, stay tuned for new receipes for things for you to try at home. 

Talk soon,

Jayde xx

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