Saturday, 9 November 2013

Shopping Blues - The Horror Of Christmas

Okay, so I hate to break it you you all, but Christmas is fast approaching. As in 45 days away, kind of fast.

Horrifying isn't it!?!?

Well, never fear, I am here!

As requested, I'll be writing today about presents. All of the troubles we have with presents start from one point, 'What do I get them?!'. From there, we then need to work out how much to spend. Once you have those two questions (almost) answered, we can go shopping. But how do we get them answered?

I've heard the aged old saying 'What do I give someone, who has everything?'. But really, what do you get them?

Well....Many things! So, let me see if I can break it down for everyone:

Girls, between the ages of 0-10:
There are three different types of gifts; girly, boyish, or futuristic.
What are they, you say? Girly gifts are little things like cute costume jewellery, clothes for dress ups, dolls etc. Boyish toys are for little girls, who like playing in the mud, things like skipping ropes, hula hoops, water pistols etc. Then the gifts for the future, are things like, opening a bank account in their name for university, Sponsoring a child etc. 

Boys, between the ages of 0-10:
Boys are a little easier to buy for, mainly because they're just little boys. Generally (And I say generally, in case any little boys, like being little girls), they just like being boys! Things like footballs, cricket sets, basketballs, comic books, ANYTHING with dinosaurs (mainly my 4-nearly-5-year-old nephew), matchbox cars, remote control cars, or lego.

After this age, they become a little troublesome to buy for, but you want to think about what they like. Do they like studying/reading? Why not have a look at the Top 100 Books Of 2013, pick something you think might appeal to them. Or you could go for stationary, things like nice notebooks, a new pencil case, or a daily planner.
Are they arty? What about a set of acrylic paints, a new canvas, a wooden artists model, or why not some life painting classes?

Are they sporty? What about a gift certificate to their favourite sporting goods store, a signed photo of their favourite sports star, or even one on one training for their chosen sport? 
Do they love space and the further frontiers? What about a model of our solar system, a book on the constellations, or if you want to splurge, maybe a telescope to look at the beautiful night sky?

I'm sure there are more, but I don't want to make this too easy for you!

Here are some ideas for adults:

  • Village Cinemas gift card
  • A set of BBQ tools
  • Wind chime
  • Decorative light for outside (bonus points if you put a citronella candle in there too)
  • Perfume
  • A nice scarf
  • New bed spread
  • Decorative candles
  • A punny mug
You can also put together small baskets of goodies, depending on what theme you want to go for. I put together one last year for a friend Jess, who was having a shit time at work, and needed a bit of 'me' time. So it was in a cute little basket, with some make up wipes, nail polish, face mask, lipbalm etc. I could have also put things like moisturisers, bath bombs etc, but because Jess' skin can react to some cosmetics, I left them out.

If you want to put together a basket for someone who thinks they're a bit of a foodie: truffles (they're expensive), macaroons, fresh pasta, flavoured oils (chili infused olive oil), flavoured coffee beans, blank recipe book they can write in, etc.

What about someone who loves to entertain (sound like anyone you know?), things like quince paste, a cheese knife, sun dried tomatoes, gourmet cheeses, red wine?

Know someone who is a chocoholic? gourmet chocolate truffles, fancy cocoa for home made hot chocolates, sultanas/nuts covered in chocolate, blocks of different flavoured chocolate (think mint or orange).

Is someone in your life a bit of a boozer? what about a basket with different flavours of cider, different beers, and some small snacks to go with the drinks? Now I'm talking one bottle of each flavour, don't get too ahead of yourselves here.

Justin loves tea (drinking Tea), so I could do a basket for him with different teas, a fancy tea pot with built in strainer, travel tea mug (yes they exist), and a tea box. Same sort of thing for someone who loves coffee, get them a new travel mug, different coffee beans, a coffee plunger etc. 

I can see you're all sitting there going, well this is nice Jayde, but get to the good stuff!

Now here's my issue, I can suggest a whole heap of possible presents for people, but unless you actually want to get them something, instead of need to get the something, you're gonna have a bad time! Gift giving isn't about who gets whom the best present, it's about being there with loved ones, and exchanging gifts of love

I hope this helps, I know there are probably thousands more gift ideas I could have written about, but really, if you can't find anything in the text above, just give up.

Happy holidays, fools.

Jayde xx

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