Thursday, 22 May 2014

Crafternoon - Cardigan Clips

Ahoy there folks!

Last Saturday, my darling boyfriend did my few odd jobs around the house, so that I could spend some time doing craft. I must say, I went a little crazy, but really why wouldn't I?

So, I was thinking of things I could make. I love to make little fashion accessories, like hair clips, lapel clips, cardigan clips (I'm noticing a theme here...). I decided to make a few different things, but this post is to show you how I made the simplest cardigan clips.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Well, cardigan clips are a pair of clips, joined by chain or ribbon. You pin one to either side of your cardigan, to hold it together. It's like buttoning it up, but cooler, and easier if you have a heaving boosom and can't actually button things up...

Here is Emma Pillsbury from Glee rocking some cute cardigan clips!

Let's get started!

First, we need our supplies. 

Pliers - Either needle nose or round nose
Chain - This will be what connects our broaches together
Broaches x 2

Now we can start putting our little goodies together!

Work out where on your cardigan/sweater you want the clips to sit. This will help us determine how long we make our chain. I chose to make mine about 8 inches apart, but you decide how far you want yours.

Once you've worked this out, we can measure out the chain. I chose to create a draped effect with mine, with 3 layers of chain. This is why they're all different lengths.

Connect your lenghts of chain to your jump rings, making sure the chains are sitting correctly and look right to you. When opening the jump rings, ensure you pull them forward and backward to create an opening, not left and right. Pulling them from the sides weakens the ring and distorts the shape. Remember there is no set rule for this, just whatever you like.

Okay, so now that we have our chains measured and cut (I simply pulled the links apart with my pliers), and the chain is all connected to the jumprings, we can connect the jumprings to the back of our broaches. Some broaches will have holes around the sides, or on the back. Connect them where you please, just make sure you sit them against your chest to make sure they look right. 

You can connect them to your cardigan how ever you please! Sadly, I forgot to take a 'finished' photo, but I will take one soon, and upload it. I promise!

Until then...

Love J xx