Thursday, 6 November 2014

Blood, Guts, Gore & LARP

If you're squeamish or afraid of zombies, look away now! Seriously, go and Google some pictures of cute unicorns or kitties or something.

Okay, you've had your chance. This post is going to be pretty picture heavy. 
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Brace yourself!

I was recently involved in a photoshoot, to remake instructions for Deadtime Stories: A Zombie LARP. I had so much fun, and learnt so much, I just had to share it with everyone!

What is LARP you ask? Why it's Live Action Role Play of course! Essentially, you get to dress up in character (or as a class) and complete a mission, depending on which game you're playing. You can play with 5-50 people, anywhere, and (almost) anytime. 

Now, Deadtime Stories is a zombie LARP, so you have survivors (still humans) and zombies (dead!). The zombies have different stages (wandering, dead, or active) and I had the honour of being a zombie. Kon, who organised the day, was kind enough to supply us with costumes as well.

Unfortunately a couple of the MUA (Make Up Artists) pulled out, but thankfully we had the wonderful Zoe on hand and ready to make us all over! Because we were short on time and helping hands, I ended up being 'The Blood Girl'. Not even kidding, they nicknamed me because I kept doing everyones blood. By doing, I mean artfully covering them in fake blood. Because, ya know, I'm an artist.

Now, the other players in Deadtime Stories are survivors. There are a few classes of survivors including: Soldiers, Medics, Clerics and general population. Obviously soldiers are the best at weapons, Medics heal people, Clerics use the power of their faith against zombies and the public have survived on sheer dumb luck. Survivors primarily use Nerf guns, but can also make their own weapons (foam ones of course).

It was so much fun playing dress ups and getting all bloody (without the pain!). All in all it was a great day. I learnt so much about using latex and special FX makeup, as well as how to clean up fake blood!

I'm thinking actually playing the game, now that I have a basic knowledge of the rules, could be a lot of fun...


J xx

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