Sunday, 4 August 2013


As a meat eater, I love all kinds of meat meals, steak and chips, bacon and eggs, chicken parmigiana.

To be honest, I don’t know anyone (except vegetarians) who doesn't like a good parma! How can you not like it, juicy freshly crumbed chicken, home made Napoli sauce, good quality thinly cut smoked ham, golden melted cheese… Oh god, I’m so hungry now!

Anyway, on Wednesday night, we (Katrina, Justin and I) went in search for a top quality chicken parma. We decided the hills was the best bet, to a fantastic restaurant called Kelly's. 

Kelly's is a pub that is all about the locals. Local produce, local beer, local music. You get the idea. Originally named after Kate Kelly. Kate was mother, outlaw, horsewoman and sister to Australia's most infamous bushranger Edward 'Ned' Kelly, born on 12th July, 1863 in Beveridge, Victoria, just north of Melbourne. Whilst the Kelly brothers were on the fun from Victoria's law enforcement they relied on Kate to run guns, ammo and basic supplies to them in one of their many bush hideaways, ensuring she too lived with the Kelly name's infamy. The original building - now the tavern - was a log cutters cabin built in 1891 for the local timber industry workers. Over the years it has been home to many including the gypsy fortune teller Miss Portelli with her tea room, and is now one of the oldest licensed venues in the state. Because of the buildings history, the original tavern is now heritage listed. 

Walking up to Kelly's, you get this feeling of 'home'. It's just such a relaxing and chill vibe. You always get great service, and amazing quality food. Which is why we love going there. 

So anyway, sorry for digressing, I was telling you about Parmageddon! 

You are given a choice of four different types of parma, all with amazing names like Zombie Apocalypse and Doomsday. Which are exactly the ones we ate. Doomsday is very much like a standard parma, but it is topped with 3 different types of golden melted cheese, and the Zombie has BBQ sauce, caramelised onions, chorizo and cheese. 

I didn't get any photos of these amazing creations, mainly because people would look at me strange if they saw me taking photos of my food. But trust me, if you love parmas, head up to Kellys for a great night out.

Jayde xx

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