Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Winter Is Coming

A have a new obsession. I didn't want it. At first I was forced.

Now I'm in love.

With Game Of Thrones.

*Warning: Spoiler alerts for Season 1, Episodes 1-5*

I had heard all the hype, and seen all the memes. But I mean really, what was all the fuss about? A bunch of characters in another realm, fighting with each other about silly things. Then there's the evil creatures, the incest, & the swords.

Katrina forced me to watch the first episode and I haven't looked back since. I've been drawn into the twisted story of love, betrayal, crime, punishment and the fight for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms.

I've guessed a few of the plot points (which have yet to be confirmed), which was annoying, but the rest of the episodes have left me guessing. "He wouldn't hurt a child", proceeds to push the kid out the window, "He wouldn't grope his sister", proceeds to grope his younger sister, etc etc.

But seriously, we've learnt by now that the Lannister's always have blonde hair, so if you think about it, King Robert and Queen Cersei couldn't have created that spoilt shit Joffrey. Then we learn that the Queen and her twin brother Jaime have been sleeping together, which adds up to the fact that Joffrey is in fact not an heir to the throne, because he wasn't fathered by the King. (I really want to punch the stupid kid in the face for being so spoilt).

Then of course there's the twist of the King having a bastard son (the blacksmith), but with how frisky he is with everyone but his wife, are we really surprised?

Speaking of bastards, I think Jon Snow is an excellent character, and I cannot wait to see how he evolves within the story line.

I absolutely adore Arya! She's just like me when I was young. Except that I wasn't the daughter of a Lord... but otherwise, exactly the same! Her character also helps move the plot of a couple of episodes along quite nicely, and her feisty attitude is a breath of fresh air.

I'm only up to the 6th episode, but I'm so hooked I'm sleep deprived.

Anyway, it's nearly lunch time, and I was a total nerd and brought my laptop, charger and headphones to work... so I can watch more Game Of Thrones.



Jayde xx

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