Friday, 21 June 2013

Story Time

I work full time as a Care Coordinator. My job entails organising carers to go and see clients, to assist them with things like shopping, personal care & respite. I work on the phone, for almost 7 hours straight, 5 days a week.

Every day, I speak with clients, case managers, and carers.
I love speaking with clients the most, because they have the most amazing stories.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting one of my clients. For privacy sake, we'll call her Mary.

Mary is full of amazing stories, and hilarious inappropriate jokes. I had the best end to an afternoon of work, I could have possibly asked for.

Mary was telling me how she believes people shouldn't be put on a breathing machine, and when it's their time to go, just let them go.
Easier said than done I'm sure.
Mary told me a story about her mother:

"My mother suffered 3 massive strokes in a row, and was in hospital. Because I was living in Melbourne, and the rest of my family, dad and brother, was in Tasmania, I had to fly over. My dad and brother were in the hospital with mum, and the doctor wanted to know what our family's wishes were. Dad told the doctor to wait for me. I was very close with mum you see.
I missed the Friday night flight, so caught the first flight over on Saturday morning. When I arrived, I spent some time with mum, before the doctor pulled me away to talk to me. The first thing I said to him was 'Don't even think about putting my mother on a breathing machine. Because if you do, I will go in there and turn it off'. The doctor looked at me and smiled and said 'I was hoping you'd say that'.
When we were all standing around talking, I blurted out '3am Monday morning'. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. The doctor asked me what I was talking about, and I said to him 'Mum will pass at 3am Monday morning.'
At 3:10am on Monday morning, my brother received a call, to say mum had passed."

I looked at her with disbelief. Who was this lady? A magician?

We continued on our afternoon, chatting about this and that. It was lovely.

Meeting people like Mary, makes me realise why I love my job!

Jayde xx

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