Saturday, 22 June 2013

Update: Archery

So, I've been going to archery for a couple of months now, and I've just received my Novice 190. Which means I only have 6 gradings to go until I get my Cadet certificate.

Recently tried a compound bow. And although it 's the lazy way of doing things, it's a lot better for my shoulder, so I did my scoring with it today.

Turns out.. I'M ROBIN HOOD!

I managed to shoot two arrows perfectly into the back of the other! I broke them hahahaha, check it! The arrow on the very right, split the knock of the arrow on the very left!

Of course my faithful comrades were shooting with compounds as well, so I thought it was only fair that they get their moment of glory. So here is a photo of each of them :P


I'm so excited to finish my Novice grading and move up to Cadet!

Jayde xx

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