Friday, 28 June 2013

Movie Night

Friday nights are my "Trayde" night. What is Trayde you ask? Just like "Kimyay" and "Brangelina", only better. It's Katrina and Jayde. Trayde!

So anyway, pretty much every Friday night for the past few years (minus a few months in the middle) the beautiful Katrina and I have spent Friday nights together, being #thetwobestfriendsthatanyonecouldeverhave.

We sometimes go out, but most of the time, we hang out at her house and be awesome. We might cook dinner, tonight was home made carbonara, we might watch a movie, tonight is Sinister, and sometimes we just sit around and talk shit.

Tonight, as mentioned above, we made dinner and are about to watch a movie.

You might have noticed by now, this post has no real point, other than to tell everyone how awesome we are.

Jayde xx