Friday, 28 June 2013

Style Of An Era Long Past

Hello my gorgeous guys and gals!

Time for a quick update on my life recently.

My friend Dan, is a model, and she and I are working on some looks for a shoot we're doing in July. We've been asked to choose a fashion decade and theme our styling on it.

Dan embodies the look of the classic Pin Up, and it's our favourite to do, so it was the clear winner. Just wanted to share what we've been working on. At the moment it's just hair, but next week will be make up.

We tried a few different styles. Starting mainly with "Kitten Ears", then adding bits and pieces. We were looking for a basic style that was easy and quick to do, with big results.

After we'd decided on the base style, we simply changed the accessory, or pinned Dan's fringe, or pulled her hair at the back up.

I'm pretty happy with what we've decided on, because it makes my life, as her stylist, SO MUCH EASIER.

Now when I say stylist, keep in mind I just do this for fun. I'm not qualified in anything. I've never been to a class, or had any training.

To the left, you can see a basic updo, with Dan's hair tied up inside the bandanna. This style was made iconic by the "working ladies" sign of the 1950's. We've left the fringe down to soften the look a little.

Here we can see the main style of the whole look. Kitten ears, pinned and curled fringe, curled hair at the back.

Because Dan's hair is so thick, it can take a while to curl, and it has a habit of 'dropping'.
So lots of hairspray is needed here!

Another cute bandanna style. This time I decided to use a white bandanna, to contrast with Dan's dark brown hair. I left the kitten ears in, fluffed the curls at the back a little, and folded the bandanna into a working headband style.

I actually wear my hair like this a fair bit, because it's a nice way to leave my hair down, but keep it off my face. I have a Betty Bangs style fringe, so I'll either pull it back and pin it under the bandanna, or I'll blow wave it out.

Okay, so this isn't the prettiest face Dan's pulling, but mainly look at the hair! I've taken the Kitten Ears out, brushed the fringe into the rest of the hair. Because I had hairsprayed the kitten ears, there is a bit of texture in that section of hair, I back combed a little, and smoothed over the top strands. Then I've softly pulled it all back, and slipped the headband on.

It's a very cute style to try yourselves. Simply curl all of your hair, mainly the ends, then brush the top sections, pull it all back, and adorn with your choice of headband

Speaking of make up, I went a little crazy on Tuesday night and spent over $100 at BH cosmetics.... I am so in love with their eyebrow pencils, concealer pallet, blush pallet....actually, pretty much everything! They're having a sale at the moment, so I highly suggest you go and see what it's all about.

If you guys are interested in the Pin Up look, here's a quick tutorial from Cherry Doll Face for Victory Rolls. It's super easy, and if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

Here is the link to BH Cosmetics site, there shipping can be a little excessive because we've in Australia. But really, for the quality you're getting a good deal.

There we have it my lovelies!

Jayde xx